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Thank You for Reading

(Image from TODO.TO.IT‘)

Hello strangers.

Just want to say thanks for dropping by. Even though I haven’t been posting much these days. It’s pretty encouraging that there are people still stumbling across my posts through search engines and, gasp, RSS readers.

So, what the hell are you guys reading?

An old review of Happy.com.my.

My poking fun at ad agency websites.

A casual observation of Blog Bumper Stickers.

The Rebel Scum ‘Bak Datang’ video.

My post on insights into judging at the Kancil Awards.

A rant about a pair of adidas sneakers.

Notice how I didn’t make any promises of updating more often?


Smart, aren’t I?

Thanks for visiting. I do intend to start posting more, actually. But all in good time, okay?



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The Survey, 2008

I took the survey.

If you’re a full-time web worker, so should you.

And that means you, too:





Kai Loon











Alan Bernard

Tommy Ng

And the good folks at Stampede Design.


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Pre-experience Design

(Image from Gizmodo)

There’s been a decent amount of buzz about it lately, mostly from people like Adaptive Path’s Peter Merholz, Russell Davies from Open Intelligence Agency and even PSFK showed some love, too.

Personally, I think the idea of advertising wrapped around pre-experience design is totally fucking awesome.

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5 things I learned from Adfest 2008


(Image from Pebbles. Thanks, Pebbles!)

In no particular order, here are 5 things I learned from Adfest 2008:

1. BBDO workouts are great

A BBDO workout is basically a special brainstorming session where people from all over the network turn up to generate ideas for our clients.

I was lucky enough to be part of BBDO Bangkok Chief Creative Officer Suthisak Sucharittanonta‘s team. I met some really cool folks from Japan and the Philippines, too.

For real: you learn a lot when you’re the only digital guy in your team.

2. Stefan Sagmeister rocks

“What the hell is the founder’s signature doing on the back of the card?”

The design guru not only spoke of the wisdom he gained throughout life but also told all of us why our business cards suck. Seriously, that was the highlight of Stefan Sagmeister‘s speech.

Agencies, maybe it’s time to rethink your design values. Readers, if you’re into design, you can probably learn a hell of a lot from Sagmeister.

Just try not to copy him too much, if you can.

3. So does Paul Kemp-Robertson, Tony Davidson and Alex “Burnie” Burnard.

The ‘digital’ guys made a lot of sense. Maybe because they talk the talk because they walk the walk.

Alex Burnard was funny.

Tony Davidson made me want to work for Honda.

And Paul Kemp-Robertson made me happy that I am a Contagious subscriber.

Seriously, Paul has some really good ideas up his sleeve. And he knows his shit like Cedric.

4. And Nissin Cup Noodles rules, too.

Or to be exact, the ambitious Freedom Project. It was a campaign that promoted the 35th Anniversary of Nissin Cup Noodles.

What? How in the world do cup noodles rock?

When they’re part of a campaign that includes people like Katsuhiro Otomo (the dude who made Akira).

It won a 360 Lotus. And that’s not a very easy thing to do, folks.

5. Awards shows are still just awards shows

I went to the Kancils and the DMAM awards shows in 2007. I just came back from Adfest 2008.

It’s inspiring to see great work, especially work like Colour Tokyo and the Freedom Project but I had to keep reminding myself that none of the work that I saw was judged on the basis of effectiveness.

In the words of a judge that I spoke to right after the awards dinner, it was a purely creative awards show.

Maybe I’m anal-retentive, but I can’t separate good digital work from good results.

And ladies and gentlemen, I’m not talking about hits.

All in all, it was an insightful experience and of course, I’m very thankful for it.

Next on my list; the Webbies!

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Web Harmony

Web Harmony, a new ad campaign for Microsoft Expression Studio, pits web designers against developers.

But what about the information architects?

Where do we fit in? =P

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Happy Webbies


Happy Webbies is the ultimate in Web geekery.

Download wallpaper for your iPhone, or go ahead and buy some buttons or tees.

Thanks for making me even more of a geek now, nGen.

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You’re a Standardista if…


(Image from mediabistro.com)

This one is for the CSS freaks, accessibility police and evangelists of best practices.

Are you a Standardista?

Click here to find out!


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