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YouLicense is an online music licensing business that lets artists (and amateurs like me) deal directly with people looking for musical content, whether it’s beats, ringtones or even complete songs for television, film, ad campaigns etc.

The best thing I like about YouLicense is that it has a pretty detailed submission process; you decide how to tag and describe your music, how it’s going to be licensed and even what sort of contract you want to use to cover your music.

I’ve just uploaded some hip hop and breaks to my profile. Buy them, okay? And don’t forget to rate the ones you like. =P

While we’re on topic, here’s a sample of a new drum n bass tune I’m working on at the moment; it’s called ‘Fundamentals’ and it’s got a wobbly bassline. Yipee-ki-yay.



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“If I was sixteen, I’d just go to Pavilion and skate around until the security guards came chasing after me.”

I was just talking to Ari the other day about how my skater radar still works despite being out of the game for over a decade.

Then, I found Skatespotter, a website where you can find, tag and rate skate spots using Google maps.

At the moment, it’s limited to US cities like New York and San Francisco, but I hope something like this goes global.

How cool would it be to know exactly where it’s cool to skate, in any city on Earth?

Just pack your Powell Peralta, login to pick a skate park and you’re good to go.

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It’s kinda sad, but we didn’t have any ‘mainstream’ Malay rock bands like Hujan when I was growing up.

We had Nineties hair metal, slow rock and pop bands who wrote depressing ballads at what sounded like 40 beats per minute.

It was so lame-ass.

Thankfully, there are heaps of new bands like Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussein and Bittersweet who have massively upped the energy, creativity and cool factor. They’re young, they’re hip and they all know how to do business; they market and sell their own music, they know what social media is and they’re not afraid to use it.

And they probably don’t give a fuck about the Scorpions, either. is a cool new forum for Hujan fans. Or raingers, as they’re known.

My $0.02?

It’s fresh.

It takes you straight into what’s happening with the band right now by emphasizing on upcoming gigs and mobile ringtone promotions, consigning all of the usual background information like bios and discogs to their MySpace page.

A long list of raingers occupies some important screen space and is even afforded a page of its own, a nice touch that shows how much the band appreciates its fans.

There are a few discrepancies, though.

There’s a bit of repetition in the content; there are like 3 versions of the Gig Calendar, a Search bar and a Search page and you’d expect a list of friends and favourite bands in their Links section – currently, you get nada.

To be fair, it’s not really a big deal because the site has just barely launched. But I’d expect to see those things fixed in the coming months.

In the meantime, you can check, check, rock, rock out to this cool video, Pagi Yang Gelap.


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add.ict.ed to

I have accumulated 2413 bookmarks on since I started using it consistently, earlier this year.

Is that too many?

Or too few?

I think I’ve actually read some the pages that I bookmarked.

That’s still a lot of bookmarks.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please watch this video about social bookmarking.

Social bookmarking is taking, like, forever to catch on, but I can’t live/work without it.

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Not that it counts, but Barack Obama has my vote in the upcoming 2008 US Presidential Elections.

I also think his website is the freshest of all the frontrunners, although Rudy’s site is pretty good, too.

Sure, there’s a bit of clutter with all those buttons in the top right side of Obama’s Home page, but I like how all of the important categories are divided into easily-accessible buckets of information from Upcoming Events to his social networking links.

I like how his campaign issues are alloted a page each and all of the important content is backed up by transcripts and videos.

It’s amazing how well some of the leading candidates have used the Internet to take their campaigns that extra mile.

Want a deeper analysis of how the candidates are using the Web and how the Web is using them? Go to techPresident.

I wonder if Malaysian politicians will learn from this and use the Web appropriately in our upcoming 12th General Elections.

Meanwhile, good luck Obama!


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The Facebook Marketing Bible


Just when you think that people have written everything there is to write about Facebook, I found, via, a blog that pretty much tops everything else out there.

The Facebook Marketing Bible from Justin Smith promises to teach you 24 ways to market your brand, company, product, or service inside Facebook.

For the price of $195, you get the complete lowdown on how to squeeze the most out of the social networking site from the viewpoint of guerrilla marketers, advertisers and application developers.

But if you’re not up for so much reading, there’s also the 100-word version from Valleywag.

Facebook overload or necessary reading?

Nevertheless, I’ve already decided that I’m going to build a Facebook app in 2008; if not for the learning experience, then the sheer novelty of it will suffice.

If it’s still a novelty by the time I get it done, of course.

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Time to Bunch Out?


Khai Lee from Mindvalley just started an interesting social experiment called Bunch Out and he needs 100 groups of people to make it work!

What do I mean, 100 groups of people?

Well, the way that Bunch Out works is that you can browse group listings in your city and choose a bunch of like-minded people to play sports with, hang out or go traveling with.

A city needs 100 group listings before Bunch Out can launch there, so if you’re up for making new friends or simply looking to kick some noob ass at your next Halo 3 deathmatch, head over to Bunch Out and register a group now.

Good luck, Khai Lee!


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