You’re wrong, Jeff Goodby

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Sorry, Mr. Jeff Goodby, co-chairman and creative director of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, but you’re wrong.

In a recent  article in Advertising Age, you condemned the awards culture in advertising. You said that it “rewards work that is increasingly unknown to anyone outside the business.”

You labeled people who subscribe to the awards culture as connoisseurs of esoterica.

And in the process, you said, we’re becoming more about us, and less about changing the world.

Hate to break it to ya, Jeff, but scam ads aside, you’re wrong.

Because, if you’re labeling the awards culture the fringe, then you’re also admitting that it is part of the long tail.

Today’s culture accommodates esoterica. And the Internet is its curator.

If there is an audience for anything on the Internet, then there is an audience for award-winning work, outside of advertising. And you can find them at places like Twitter, YouTube and of course, FFFFOUND!

You’ll find people who appreciate clever advertising anywhere. In music forums, on typography blogs and even good old fashion MSN. In fact, the probability of finding award-winning ads on the Internet is now more than ever since our industry discovered the wonderful world of viral marketing.

(And of course, there’s Google)

So, with all due respect, sir, you’re totally missing the point: Awards are not killing the industry. Scam work, probably.

But not awards, because now is the time for really creative work to not only shine but also, to be found.


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We Love You Michael

(Image from tipoyok’s Flickr)

My uncle Halim asked me yesterday what my feelings were on Michael Jackson’s death.

I said, “Uncle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a child of the Eighties who didn’t, at one point or another, try to do the Moonwalk.”

We love you, Micheal. Rest in peace.

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Thank You for Reading

(Image from TODO.TO.IT‘)

Hello strangers.

Just want to say thanks for dropping by. Even though I haven’t been posting much these days. It’s pretty encouraging that there are people still stumbling across my posts through search engines and, gasp, RSS readers.

So, what the hell are you guys reading?

An old review of

My poking fun at ad agency websites.

A casual observation of Blog Bumper Stickers.

The Rebel Scum ‘Bak Datang’ video.

My post on insights into judging at the Kancil Awards.

A rant about a pair of adidas sneakers.

Notice how I didn’t make any promises of updating more often?


Smart, aren’t I?

Thanks for visiting. I do intend to start posting more, actually. But all in good time, okay?


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Achievement Unlocked: Finished Halo Wars

(Image from the Official Halo Wars Community Site)

Yes, despite my heavy work routine, I managed to finish Halo Wars.

Mission 15 was a bitch. But what a great game.

See you on Xbox LIVE!


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Fake MINI Viral FTW

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about MINI, after all, it has been almost a year since I last worked on the brand, but this YouTube spot wins on so many levels.

The direction is great, the effects are pretty but what I love the most about this spot is that it makes fun of viral ads, while remaining incredibly on-brand. I mean, Still Free was great and Bike Hero was awesome, but this just about blows everything else out of the water.

I wish we could have done something like this when we launched The Other MINI in Malaysia, last year.

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Almost There

(Image from The

We’re almost there.

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7 Things You Probably Know About Agenda

(Image from Minimate Multiverse)

I’ve been working at Agenda (Wunderman) for almost a year now.

Yes, time flies a little faster when you’re in advertising. So, what can I tell you about Agenda?

1. Everyone knows who Zeldman is: We love CSS. We love Web Standards. And we love our web design heroes; we’re just geeky like that.

2. The company started off selling browsers: Our CEO, Steve Hsia, started his business in Malaysia in the late Nineties as a Netscape Navigator reseller.

3. Our office is at Solaris, Mont Kiara: It’s a new place and it’s a relatively quiet place for an agency. And we’re right above Tenji (Warning: Link leads to food porn).

4. Everyone multitasks: Designers, like Agnes, can code and make magic in Flash, writers and art directors, like me, Khairul and Danny, create the user experience and information architecture. Of course, it can suck when you have to churn out copy AND create the sitemaps and user flows, but hey, it’s easier when the guy who’s laying out your design knows precisely how to code it.

5. We’re into usability and accessibility: We approach every website project with the idea of simply improving the user experience. It’s not just about making a pretty website; it’s also about making it fun and friendly towards the people who use it. We’ve got Paul, our creative director, and of course, Ari, to thank for this.

6. We like to do things differently: Just ask David. We’re constantly thinking of ways to run ad campaigns that are not based purely on traditional methods of web banners, microsites and Facebook pages. I think I’ve worked on, like, three interactive web banners since I got here. And that’s a good thing, I think.

7. We have a Foosball table: That no one ever plays.

Want to know more? Drop your questions in the comments section below.


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