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These squirrels look so badass that I just had to share this with you.

See more Kungfu Squirrels photos at Mail Online.

Man, they are so crunk.



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Hotlink killed the radio star

Couldn’t resist posting up this picture of Mooky and Theo. Who would’ve thought you guys make such great ad talents for Hotlink? You know you rock, right?

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The Resident Evil Activity Book For Kids

Hey, this could have been a clever idea for a non-traditional advertising campaign, Capcom.

Pointless, but yes, to quote blogger Craig Axxie, it’s quite brilliant.

Oh well.

(Source: The-Minus World)

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Deliciousholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Suffian Rahman and I am a Delicious addict.

I have 5000 bookmarks on Delicious.

How did it come to this? A compulsive urge to save the best of the Web? Is this a digital manifestation of hoarding? Or is it simply because the Delicious Bookmarks Firefox add-on is just so damned easy to use?

I have 5000 bookmarks on Delicious. And counting.

“Do you have delicious?” has overtaken “Are you on Facebook?” as an ice-breaker at the workplace. When people ask me if I can recommend a WordPress theme, my usual answer is “Just check my Delicious”.

So, am I a social bookmarking otaku yet?


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Games take over corporate logos

Because these kinda things are fun. And that’s good enough for me. Thanks, Games Radar.

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Proton is down kthnxbye

Life’s funny. I was just talking to some peeps yesterday about the wisdom of getting ample hosting plans for websites and today Proton’s website is down because of the surge in traffic from their latest advertising campaign, the Proton MPV Naming Contest.

I guess it’s better to have too much bandwidth than too little (who you gonna call: Media Temple).

Now, their corporate site is just a bunch of text-links. Sorta like Jakob Neilsen’s website. Now, that’s funny.

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Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett’s a great agency but their website redesign is a puzzle to me.

Apart from adding a few more steps, more copy to read and a greater perception of depth, I don’t really see any difference in terms of accessibility or functionality, compared to the old site.

There’s tons of hidden content. There’s not enough call to action. And there’s not much tactile control; trying to guide your pointer across the screen and choosing stuff to click on is like navigating in bullet-time. The most painful thing about the site, though, is that it forces you to learn how to use it, all over again.

On the bright side, that logo does look real spiffy in 3D. Heh.

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