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Thank You for Reading

(Image from TODO.TO.IT‘)

Hello strangers.

Just want to say thanks for dropping by. Even though I haven’t been posting much these days. It’s pretty encouraging that there are people still stumbling across my posts through search engines and, gasp, RSS readers.

So, what the hell are you guys reading?

An old review of Happy.com.my.

My poking fun at ad agency websites.

A casual observation of Blog Bumper Stickers.

The Rebel Scum ‘Bak Datang’ video.

My post on insights into judging at the Kancil Awards.

A rant about a pair of adidas sneakers.

Notice how I didn’t make any promises of updating more often?


Smart, aren’t I?

Thanks for visiting. I do intend to start posting more, actually. But all in good time, okay?



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Comments is king

(Image from www.am.askanet.ne.jp)

I officially hate the phrase “Content is king”.

I hate it. I fucking hate it.

It’s so overused now that it has lost all meaning.

So what if you have great content? So what if you believe in high production values? What’s the point if no one leaves a comment?

We have to amend that concept to “Comments is king”.

Think about it; if your content doesn’t incite any sort of interaction from your audience, then is it really king? If I don’t feel the urge to leave a comment, right there and then, or if you don’t even give me the chance to leave a comment, right there and then, then what’s the point?

Where’s it gonna go from there?

Okay, here’s what I mean: The image above is a photo of Japanese rice field art. It’s cool in a steampunk Star Wars sorta way, but what’s even cooler is the number, and quality, of comments that it evokes.

There’s a whole debate going on about it, over there. Every one of those people have a valid opinion, a unique sentiment to express; are the patterns on the rice fields Photoshopped? Or are the photos real? Who knows? Who cares?

Your audience does. And it always shows.

So yeah, comments is king.

Chris Brogan, if you’re reading this, back me up?

(Source: Matador Pulse)

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Ah, the Death of UGC. Again.


It’s almost every other week now that someone tells you that user-generated content is dead.

You hear it from everyone these days, from creative directors and strat planners to the professional marketing bloggers who just discovered YouTube last Tuesday.

To be honest, I’m not surprised.

Step aside, amateurs, the experts are back! It’s time the professionals show us how its done!

Bullshit, I say.

Bullshit, because you know and I know that what is amateur and what is professional is entirely up to you and me.

Bullshit, because people will still be uploading their mobile phone videos, fan-fiction, art, secrets, love poems, short stories, porn, graffiti, cartoon strips, photography etc for many years to come and you and I will continue to find it interesting for the simple fact that it is theirs, not ours.

Bullshit, because teh Internets is more peer-to-peer than ever (dawg, that rhymes) and people know how to aggregate their consumption of information…and Big Brands always have to play catch up.

Sure, professional YouTube videos are on the way up (it’s been discussed at international conferences, see) and artwork from The One Show is more cerebral than artwork on The Onion (actually, I don’t think so) but who’s to say what’s dead until it’s really dead?

Who’s to say that less money will made by the Average Joe because the Real Pros are showing them how it’s done? You? Me?

Bullshit. Not even close. No cigars.

So, while people are out there telling us what’s going to die next and when, let’s watch some more cool user-generated content!

Here’s an awesome mash-up of Saul Bass and Star Wars by a kid called bhilmers. Swing meets Sci-Fi meets Cinema Legend:

And here is the video response, by brooksy362436.

Again, awesome.

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The Q to the C


(Image from FFFFOUND!)

Found this great post on Search Engine Journal that presents a detailed checklist of 50 questions you should ask yourself when you’re evaluating the quality of your website.

I could really use a list like this. Especially just before we go live.

In fact, I’m going to print it out and paste it on my wall and screw your fucking deadlines, I’m not going to move an inch until the website is free from server side errors.

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Why UGC Still Rocks

Some people in advertising think that user-generated content is old news. They think UGC is just another ‘internet’ fad that probably comes and goes like most ad campaigns do.

Well, I think those advertising people should watch Mitch Joel’s video. It’s a parody of the MacBook Air commercial.

It’s funny. And gives some cool insight into how some consumers compare products before making a purchase.


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