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Thank You for Reading

(Image from TODO.TO.IT‘)

Hello strangers.

Just want to say thanks for dropping by. Even though I haven’t been posting much these days. It’s pretty encouraging that there are people still stumbling across my posts through search engines and, gasp, RSS readers.

So, what the hell are you guys reading?

An old review of

My poking fun at ad agency websites.

A casual observation of Blog Bumper Stickers.

The Rebel Scum ‘Bak Datang’ video.

My post on insights into judging at the Kancil Awards.

A rant about a pair of adidas sneakers.

Notice how I didn’t make any promises of updating more often?


Smart, aren’t I?

Thanks for visiting. I do intend to start posting more, actually. But all in good time, okay?



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Fake MINI Viral FTW

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about MINI, after all, it has been almost a year since I last worked on the brand, but this YouTube spot wins on so many levels.

The direction is great, the effects are pretty but what I love the most about this spot is that it makes fun of viral ads, while remaining incredibly on-brand. I mean, Still Free was great and Bike Hero was awesome, but this just about blows everything else out of the water.

I wish we could have done something like this when we launched The Other MINI in Malaysia, last year.

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Why does MindManager Pro rock?

Seriously, it rocks.

Lately, I’ve been using it to sketch out site maps the size of Wisconsin. OK, well, maybe not the size of Wisconsin, which is 65,498 square miles, by the way. But hey, you get the idea.

You don’t even have to be an IA to love this stuff; if you spend hours every day drawing flowcharts or mapping out processes or even if you’re just looking for a brainstorming tool, this is it. I’ve ranted about stuff like Freemind and WriteMaps before, but this stuff is just so much more incredibly on point. Just try it out.

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Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett’s a great agency but their website redesign is a puzzle to me.

Apart from adding a few more steps, more copy to read and a greater perception of depth, I don’t really see any difference in terms of accessibility or functionality, compared to the old site.

There’s tons of hidden content. There’s not enough call to action. And there’s not much tactile control; trying to guide your pointer across the screen and choosing stuff to click on is like navigating in bullet-time. The most painful thing about the site, though, is that it forces you to learn how to use it, all over again.

On the bright side, that logo does look real spiffy in 3D. Heh.

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Why Dr. Mahathir’s blog is better than your blog

(Image from River River’s Fotopages)

It’s quite simple, folks. And it’s not just because he used to be, like, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

If you spend a few minutes just looking at Dr. Mahathir’s blog, you’ll notice that:

1. He follows the Rule of Three.

2. He writes in short paragraphs.

3. He’s upbeat.

He’s either read Copyblogger‘s post on Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well, or well, he is Copyblogger.



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This is quite possibly the best Butterfingers album ever.

Seven years ago, I’d never have thought that I’d ever hear Emmett sing in Malay, let alone release a whole album of Malay songs.

But a lot of things can happen in seven years. I am glad their music has turned out the way it has.


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Nice layout, Adfest


It’s looks like a poster, not a website. Where’s the interface, yo?

Why do post-event websites generally have to suck?

Thank goodness Cannes Lions doesn’t suck, although their coding is a bit on the sloppy side.

Ha ha.

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