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Thank You for Reading

(Image from TODO.TO.IT‘)

Hello strangers.

Just want to say thanks for dropping by. Even though I haven’t been posting much these days. It’s pretty encouraging that there are people still stumbling across my posts through search engines and, gasp, RSS readers.

So, what the hell are you guys reading?

An old review of

My poking fun at ad agency websites.

A casual observation of Blog Bumper Stickers.

The Rebel Scum ‘Bak Datang’ video.

My post on insights into judging at the Kancil Awards.

A rant about a pair of adidas sneakers.

Notice how I didn’t make any promises of updating more often?


Smart, aren’t I?

Thanks for visiting. I do intend to start posting more, actually. But all in good time, okay?



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Hello, New Year.

New year, new blog header, right?

I’ve decided to switch back to the Press Row theme. I don’t know, I just think this is the most accessible theme for me (and perhaps, you).The blog header is from my old blog, Kamotherapy, where I used to blog about music and life, back in college and during my first few months at Proximity Malaysia. Those were interesting times.

So, yeah, back to the old school.

On the other hand, I’ve been checking out some free WordPress themes and I’m liking ASCII One Sandbox a hell of a lot, I’ve got to say.

It’s simple, easy on the eyes and the flow is just nice for reading. I think I’ll use it as the new design for the next iteration of this blog – drum-roll – when I get my new domain and move everything over there.

Here’s to the new year, and the next cycle of life.

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Why Dr. Mahathir’s blog is better than your blog

(Image from River River’s Fotopages)

It’s quite simple, folks. And it’s not just because he used to be, like, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

If you spend a few minutes just looking at Dr. Mahathir’s blog, you’ll notice that:

1. He follows the Rule of Three.

2. He writes in short paragraphs.

3. He’s upbeat.

He’s either read Copyblogger‘s post on Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well, or well, he is Copyblogger.



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Jason Kottke recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of, one of the most influential blogs on the Web.

Thanks for ten years of great ideas, Jason.

I wonder how many reskins I’ll have by the time I get to the tenth anniversary of this blog.


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Watchmen is probably the best comic ever created, next to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and of course, Ronin.

The comic, which is going to be made into a movie and slated for release in March 2009, should turn out to be pretty cool, too, since it’s directed by Zach Snyder (the dude who did an awesome job with Dawn of the Dead and 3oo).

What’s even cooler, though, is the fact that the pre-launch buzz is being channeled through a blog and not a typical flashy-but-useless Hollywood film website.

Blog entries are written by Zach Snyder and include news from last year’s Comic-Con, production stills and art. More importantly, it also comes with RSS, social bookmarking buttons and even a Flickr widget.


No, seriously, this is awesome.

This is how we do.

It’s refreshing to see a big film studio like Warner Brothers move away from those traditionally terrible film websites that aren’t user-friendly, don’t encourage feedback and never work properly, anyway.

I’ve been telling people the same old story since Day Frickin’ One; blogs aren’t just a great way to talk to your fanboys, they’re also a great way of sustaining the hype. If you know how to feed the right information to the right audiences, you can maintain the hype for as long as you want to.

The downside to Watchmen’s blog, however, is that you can’t post comments, so say goodbye to trackbacks, linkbacks and good old fashioned human discussion.

Zach, if you’re reading this, please enable comments! Comments are important!


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The Admosphere


Found this Malaysian blog on advertising called The Admosphere.

It’s run by a dude called Kai Ming and showcases ‘the best and most creative’ work’ across Malaysia (mostly print ads huhu). If you want to get your work featured, you can send in your stuff to:

Makes me wonder; are there any other regularly updated Malaysian advertising blogs out there?

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Inspire me, now!


Inspire me now! is a blog that plugs awesome art and design.

Notice the simple interface? The uncluttered layout? Well, that’s probably because the blog is run by a dude called Szymon Blaszczy who is also, surprise, an information architect.

See! Told ya information architects pwn.

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