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Brands that I’ve worked with

I thought it would be cool to visualize my portfolio in Dipity.

It’s basically a timeline of brands that I’ve worked with, from MINI to stuff that I set up with friends, like Bongo.

It’s a work-in-progress thing. So bear with me as I add to the topic, one brand at a time.


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The Great Drum n Bass Swindle

I’ve got a Flickr photostream called Drum n Bass.

It’s going to document all of my drum n bass adventures.

If you’ve got some photos that you’d think would be great to add to it, leave a comment with a link!


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YouLicense is an online music licensing business that lets artists (and amateurs like me) deal directly with people looking for musical content, whether it’s beats, ringtones or even complete songs for television, film, ad campaigns etc.

The best thing I like about YouLicense is that it has a pretty detailed submission process; you decide how to tag and describe your music, how it’s going to be licensed and even what sort of contract you want to use to cover your music.

I’ve just uploaded some hip hop and breaks to my profile. Buy them, okay? And don’t forget to rate the ones you like. =P

While we’re on topic, here’s a sample of a new drum n bass tune I’m working on at the moment; it’s called ‘Fundamentals’ and it’s got a wobbly bassline. Yipee-ki-yay.


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What skills do you need to be an Information Architect?


(Image from John B’s MySpace!)

The Information Architecture Institute conducted a survey in July, 2004, to find out what sort of competencies information architects need to have in their skill set.

I’ve crossed out the skills that I think I’m good at and left out the ones that I think I completely suck at:

  1. Navigation Systems
  2. Labeling Systems
  3. Blueprints & Wireframes
  4. Collaboration Skills
  5. Client Relationship Skills
  6. Audience Modeling
  7. Behavior Modeling
  8. User Interface Design
  9. Interaction Design
  10. Search Engine Technology
  11. Metadata
  12. Indexing
  13. Search Systems
  14. Conceptual Maps
  15. Content Analysis
  16. Content Strategy
  17. Writing
  18. Ontologies

Hehe. 12 out of 18.

Not bad, eh?


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Boarding it up

I used to wonder what the point was when people asked me to print out and board up our web pages. In an age where it’s easier, and of course, more convenient to e-mail or FTP your work to clients, why would anyone need an A3-sized full-color print to sell an idea?

The difference, as I would soon discover at presentations and WIP meetings with clients, is that you decide what your client looks at first, not your client.

You sequence, you juxtapose and you cajole and flatter your own work, instead of running the risk of letting your audience decide what to praise or criticize first. You orchestrate and make the sale before anyone else so much as blinks away their apprehension.

Coincidentally, Jason Beaird wrote a great article on wpdfd about why it’s good to board up your web pages. Save yourself some time, and unnecessary wondering.

Go read it.

And go read his book The Principals of Beautiful Web Design to get some more useful tips on designing websites.

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Web Standards Malaysia is at No.21


Yup, WSMY is at No.21 on Command Shift3’s best-designed webstandard’s sites.

We’re in the top 15% of websites ranked on CommandShift3. That’s 1004 of 7654.

Believe it or not, we’re even ahead of some of our own web design heroes like Eric Meyer and Shaun Inman.

Nice work, Ari.

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How My Blog Evolves in 2008


(Image from the CKY Alliance forums)

You might have noticed that my posts have been a lot more lifestyle lately.

Yeah, well I did some thinking about how I blog and what I’ve been talking about for the past 8 months.

Initially, I wanted this to be a ‘work’ blog where I talked about interesting trends and cool things that I’ve learned as a writer and information architect for my agency. But lately, I’ve been thinking that writing about work all the time is kinda gay, unless you’re Seth Godin.

I mean, it gets a little old, after a while. It feels…limiting.

So, yeah.

It’s gonna go a little like this: the focus is still my day-to-day work, but I’m also gonna write about whatever it is that I feel like writing about.

I’ve been blogging long enough to know that if you like what you read, you’ll come back. If not, there’s always Valleywag.

And they’re awesome, by the way.

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