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We Love You Michael

(Image from tipoyok’s Flickr)

My uncle Halim asked me yesterday what my feelings were on Michael Jackson’s death.

I said, “Uncle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a child of the Eighties who didn’t, at one point or another, try to do the Moonwalk.”

We love you, Micheal. Rest in peace.


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The TelePresence is strong with this one

(Image from Bernard Leong)

I’ve experienced Cisco’s TelePresence technology and I must say, it’s pretty amazing.

I met up with bloggers Daniel Cerventus and James Yeang to test the TelePresence 3000, recently. It was all pretty informal, which is good; no major PR fuss, no jostling for front row seats or fighting over swag. They showed us to a room, sat us down and bang, we were looking across a table at people in Singapore just like they were sitting right in front of us.

The folks in Singapore were, in fact, sitting in a room much like ours. It was tastefully lit, had three 65-inch screens and chairs and a table.

But as we introduced ourselves and got to know a little about them, it felt more like our two rooms were magically linked together, rather than just a bunch of people talking to each other like they weren’t thousands of miles apart.

If you’re used to Skype or MSN video calls, just imagine what it would be like to be talking to someone far away yet be completely free of lags, audio clipping or just about any other annoyance that comes with modern video-conferencing. It’s not that I’m being paid to say this, but TelePresence is just that good. I’d love to have a look at their usability case studies because it’s wonderful how they made it so easy to use.

Of course, we ended up chatting long past our time limit, but hey, it’s not every day you get to experience a bit of science fiction come to life, right?

While the cost and practical use may deter private ownership, I’d definitely recommend this sort of tech to companies as a way of improving communication between offices and cutting down travel costs. You’d probably end up saving a hell of a lot more with one of these babies in your HQ, where you can dial in and ‘meet up’ with your counterparts practically every day, instead of wasting money flying people all over the place for short business trips, all year round.

You can find out more about what Cisco does on their blog.


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Ismail: The Last Days

I went to watch Ismail: The Last Days at KLPac with Nora yesterday.

I’ve never considered myself as a cultured person (despite what my Visual Bookshelf says) but I think that Ismail was pretty good. The cast was convincing, the score was inspiring and the set was interesting –  and just what the fuck was that blue plastic thing hanging from the ceiling?

I hadn’t watched a local musical before, but now I think I won’t mind watching a few more.



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Nice layout, Adfest


It’s looks like a poster, not a website. Where’s the interface, yo?

Why do post-event websites generally have to suck?

Thank goodness Cannes Lions doesn’t suck, although their coding is a bit on the sloppy side.

Ha ha.

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Sundays are for brainstroms

(Image form Nora)

Yup, brainstroms.

It’s a personal joke between me and Nora.

You’ll never get it, so don’t trip.

By the way, Urbanscapes was fun.

It was great meeting up with Nora’s friends, hanging with old buddies like Shinji, Words, Cliq and the rest as well as enjoying some (very necessary) personal space away from work etc.

Yes, because today it’s back to work-mode; I have a brainstrom later at 2pm with Ari and Tony.

I’m gonna give us half an hour before the discussion diverts to Web Standards trivia, Death Cab for Cutie and girls.

If it was with Irwan, Keith or Jo, the discussion would inevitably divert to DJing, drum n bass and girls.


Have a good Sunday.

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I’m going to urbanscapes

In case you were wondering.

Or missed the animated banner nestled in the blindspot at the top right corner of my page.

I’m rooting for Phlowtron, I Heart KL and KL Undercover.

See you at urbanscapes.

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Shutdown Day

Can you shake off your Scrabulous addiction for one whole day? If the answer is ‘Yes!’ you’re ready to be part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the Internet.

(Global Orgasm Day was probably the other one)

Shutdown your computer on 3 May 2008.

And let’s see what happens!


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