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Hotlink killed the radio star

Couldn’t resist posting up this picture of Mooky and Theo. Who would’ve thought you guys make such great ad talents for Hotlink? You know you rock, right?


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Ismail: The Last Days

I went to watch Ismail: The Last Days at KLPac with Nora yesterday.

I’ve never considered myself as a cultured person (despite what my Visual Bookshelf says) but I think that Ismail was pretty good. The cast was convincing, the score was inspiring and the set was interesting –  and just what the fuck was that blue plastic thing hanging from the ceiling?

I hadn’t watched a local musical before, but now I think I won’t mind watching a few more.



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Why Dr. Mahathir’s blog is better than your blog

(Image from River River’s Fotopages)

It’s quite simple, folks. And it’s not just because he used to be, like, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

If you spend a few minutes just looking at Dr. Mahathir’s blog, you’ll notice that:

1. He follows the Rule of Three.

2. He writes in short paragraphs.

3. He’s upbeat.

He’s either read Copyblogger‘s post on Ernest Hemingway’s Top 5 Tips for Writing Well, or well, he is Copyblogger.



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This is quite possibly the best Butterfingers album ever.

Seven years ago, I’d never have thought that I’d ever hear Emmett sing in Malay, let alone release a whole album of Malay songs.

But a lot of things can happen in seven years. I am glad their music has turned out the way it has.


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Audiotrixx – In Transition

Props to my homeboy Audiotrixx for hitting 4,000 downloads for his latest mix on FoundationKL.

Audiotrixx‘s In Transition mix is dark and heavy, heavy, heavy.

Just look at that track-list. Download!

Audiotrixx – In Transition ( June 2008 )

1 ) Timang Burung – Audiotrixx Intro
2 ) Critical Mass – Ben Sage
3 ) Hooligan – Cause 4 Concern
4 ) Hunchback – Dizplay and Lost Sequence
5 ) Cosmos – Telemetrik
6 ) Grime House – Future Signal
7 ) We Dominate – Ewun & Spor
8 ) Evil Exists – Telemetrik feat Evancipation
9 ) Reservoir – Phace
10) Sandwaves – DJ Hidden
11) Apprentice (N. Phect remix) – Proktah
12) Assassin – Future Signal
13) Valentine – Spor
14) Audio – Destroyed (The Sect VIP Remix) – Dylan and Robyn Chaos
15) Nature of Evil – Limewax
16) Tektonic – Current Value
17) Straight Jacket – DJ Hidden
18 ) Timeline – Evol Intent
19) Crack Up – Mystification
20) Generation P – B Soul
21) Sickness & Suffering ( Donny Remix) – Counterstrike & Mumblz
22) Timang Burung – Audiotrixx Outro


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(Image from roomjp’s Flickr)

If you ever have to wait half an hour for some great sushi, make sure it’s at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Damas.

Their Unagi is better than your Unagi.

Read a good review of the restaurant at masak masak.


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The Rebel Scum – Bak Datang The Video

The Rebel Scum’s video for, Bak Datang, their first Malay single, is finally out on YouTube.

I remember being invited to the shoot, sometime last year, but I had to decline because I was working on a pitch.

(And the shoot was scheduled on a Sunday afternoon. Yeah, what the fuck, right?)

Well, too bad. Otherwise I could’ve been making a fool of myself (as I usually do) up there with the rest of the crew.

Check The Rebel Scum’s blog for a higher-definition video.

Oh yeah and nice work, Perez and Cody!

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