YouLicense is an online music licensing business that lets artists (and amateurs like me) deal directly with people looking for musical content, whether it’s beats, ringtones or even complete songs for television, film, ad campaigns etc.

The best thing I like about YouLicense is that it has a pretty detailed submission process; you decide how to tag and describe your music, how it’s going to be licensed and even what sort of contract you want to use to cover your music.

I’ve just uploaded some hip hop and breaks to my profile. Buy them, okay? And don’t forget to rate the ones you like. =P

While we’re on topic, here’s a sample of a new drum n bass tune I’m working on at the moment; it’s called ‘Fundamentals’ and it’s got a wobbly bassline. Yipee-ki-yay.



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6 responses to “YouLicense

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  5. *pokes*

    I already gave you a heads up on your whacked hyperlink to your YouLicense profile. Fix it already 😛

  6. Suffian Rahman


    Done! =P

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