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(Image from utopiacere’s Flickr)

It’s Blog Action Day and the subject that I’m posting about this year is Poverty.

So, how can information architects help fight poverty?

Honestly, I have no fucking idea.

But how can you help the fight against poverty, as a person?

Make it personal.

You don’t always have to donate cash to big organizations where you have no idea where your money is going. You can do better than drop 10 cent coins at fast-food outlet or beggars on the street.

You can stop keeping your distance.

If you want to truly make a difference, do it yourself instead of letting other people decide what happens. It’s more personal and a hell of a lot more meaningful to give directly to the people who are in need. There’s tons of homeless and poor people walking around your city. There’s volunteer organizations. And there’s always your local church/mosque/temple/shrine/synagogue.

So, if you’re serious about helping the poor, stop the car, get out and go talk to them. Ask them what you can do. Give something other than your loose change.


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The Resident Evil Activity Book For Kids

Hey, this could have been a clever idea for a non-traditional advertising campaign, Capcom.

Pointless, but yes, to quote blogger Craig Axxie, it’s quite brilliant.

Oh well.

(Source: The-Minus World)

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Two years ago, I decided wanted to be a Web Standards crusader like Jeffrey Zeldman.

I thought I knew what needed to be done and how to do it.

But from time to time I wonder; has joining an advertising agency and attempting to influence the minds of clients, ATL teams and upper management to consider best practices really made a difference at all?

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Comments is king

(Image from www.am.askanet.ne.jp)

I officially hate the phrase “Content is king”.

I hate it. I fucking hate it.

It’s so overused now that it has lost all meaning.

So what if you have great content? So what if you believe in high production values? What’s the point if no one leaves a comment?

We have to amend that concept to “Comments is king”.

Think about it; if your content doesn’t incite any sort of interaction from your audience, then is it really king? If I don’t feel the urge to leave a comment, right there and then, or if you don’t even give me the chance to leave a comment, right there and then, then what’s the point?

Where’s it gonna go from there?

Okay, here’s what I mean: The image above is a photo of Japanese rice field art. It’s cool in a steampunk Star Wars sorta way, but what’s even cooler is the number, and quality, of comments that it evokes.

There’s a whole debate going on about it, over there. Every one of those people have a valid opinion, a unique sentiment to express; are the patterns on the rice fields Photoshopped? Or are the photos real? Who knows? Who cares?

Your audience does. And it always shows.

So yeah, comments is king.

Chris Brogan, if you’re reading this, back me up?

(Source: Matador Pulse)

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Love Your Home with IKEA

Ikea Malaysia doesn’t have one of the most organized websites on the Internet, but they do have a pretty entertaining online contest, at the moment.

It’s called Love My Home and it features an interactive survey that’s simple, straight-to-the-point and most of important of all, fun.

Take the contest and stand to win RM1000. And can you buy me one of those robotic designer lamps, if you do?

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Add-Art is officially my favourite Firefox add-on for this week.

It replaces all the annoying banner ads in your internets with cool art like Hiroshige’s One Hundred Famous View of Edo and Charles Broskoski’s Black Monochrome Paintings Cropped and Optimized for the Web.

I wonder if anyone will ever invent a Firefox add-on to replace annoying ad campaigns. Heh.

(Source: guerrilla-innovation.com)


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Malaysian 404 Error Pages

Cool in a Junk sorta way, ain’t it?

404 error pages are a nice touch because they add just a little bit more personality to your website. You can be funny, useful, scary, aloof or whatever the hell sentiment it is that you want to convey to your visitors. You can also redirect them to other pages of your website, showcase new products or services, or just be a complete ass clown and be none the wiser about it.

I’ve always liked the 404 errors pages on Twitter, so I don’t really mind when their service is down.

Holler if you come across any other 404 pages from Malaysian web designers, okay?

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