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Fake MINI Viral FTW

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about MINI, after all, it has been almost a year since I last worked on the brand, but this YouTube spot wins on so many levels.

The direction is great, the effects are pretty but what I love the most about this spot is that it makes fun of viral ads, while remaining incredibly on-brand. I mean, Still Free was great and Bike Hero was awesome, but this just about blows everything else out of the water.

I wish we could have done something like this when we launched The Other MINI in Malaysia, last year.


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The Ultimate Argument Settler

You can debate about the future of user-generated content all you want.

Whatever makes you happy.

But seriously, how cool is Yojimbo with a lightsaber? See the rest of the 10 Best Lightsaber Mashups @ Videogum.

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Spot the copycat

Here’s a video about Twitter by Common Craft, who produce ‘Paperworks’ videos that make complex subjects easier to understand.

Now, here’s a video about using on Flickr on Maxis mobile by browseaddict.

So, who copied who? What a no-brainer lol.


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Found this entertaining YouTube video about how the printing process works in advertising.

It’s by a bunch of folks from Ogilvy Redworks Malaysia.

And it’s shot in stop-motion. Nice!

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