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The Force Unleashed

(Image from Wired)

No, that’s not a picture of my bedroom.

It’s an image from Wired Magazine‘s preview of the upcoming Lucas Arts videogame, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Fuck. I need a PS3/Xbox360/Wii now.


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Console Games I Need to Play

Sporadic play on the Xbox360 in the office is just not cutting it, anymore.

I need to get my own console, damn it.

And I will play these games until my thumbs are sore, my throat runs dry and the (wireless) controller feels like putty in my hands:

Afro Samurai

Samuel L. Jackson‘s voice in a game. Do I really need any other incentive to play this?

Gears of War 2

I’ve been waiting for this sequel as much as the next 11 year-old on Xbox LIVE. I’m a huge fan of third-person perspective shooters. And blowing shit up on screen.

Killzone 2

It was fun on PS2. I’m betting it will be even more fun on PS3.

Soulcalibur IV

Who really doesn’t want to play as Darth Vader?

Halo Wars

The folks at Ensemble, the developers of Halo Wars, pretty much summed it up for me:

Warthogs are cool. Scorpions are cool. Controlling lots of Warthogs and Scorpions and sending them into battle is really, really cool.

It’s a perfect match: Halo and real-time strategy.

What else is there?

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