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Anyone who has ever played Counter-Strike will know the fearsome power of an AK47. There’s nothing scarier than the sight or sound of an AK coming at you, unseen. It doesn’t even matter what map you’re on; you know there’s going to be carnage when you hear those 7.62mm rounds whiz past you or ricochet off the walls.

If you’ve ever felt even the slightest fascination (or respect) for this gun, you’ve got to read AK47 by Michael Hodges.

I never imagined how much real-world pain and suffering could be tied to a gun that we used to be in awe of at cybercafes.

It gets a little depressing at times, but nevertheless, the book is fucking awesome.

And I don’t mean that in a “God Bless America” sort of way, either.


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Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards

I read somewhere that the reason why Japanese advertising is sometimes difficult to understand is because it’s so subtle.

That, and a whole lotta quirky.

Thanks to the iMedia Connection e-mail newsletter I received earlier today, I can share with you the results of Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards, courtesy of TIAA judge Akihito Abe.

Especially this Kendo blog widget, which features a Kendoka who whacks the living crap out of bad words in your copy.

It’s awesome! Try it.

Needless to say, the other winning entries were pretty interesting, too.

And a whole lotta ‘quirky’.

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25 Years in Usability

(Image from useit.com)

” Since I started in 1983, the usability field has grown by 5,000%. It’s a wonderful job ā€” and still a promising career choice for new people.”

– Jakob Nielsen, web usability consultant.

Congratulations to Jakob Nielsen for the first 25 years of improving the Web!

I’ve learned heaps from his books and even just being on his mailing list.

Here’s to the next 25 years of knowledge, guidance and inspiration from the guru of Web page usability.

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Mozilla’s code turns ten, too


Yup, while we’re on the subject of things turning ten, let’s not forget that Mozilla deserves props for making the Web a better place to surf.

Yes, they’re the folks who invented Firefox, the best browser in the Whole Wide World.

They released the source code for Mozilla on March 31, 1998.

Happy birthday, Mozilla.


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kottke.org is ten


Jason Kottke recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of kottke.org, one of the most influential blogs on the Web.

Thanks for ten years of great ideas, Jason.

I wonder how many reskins I’ll have by the time I get to the tenth anniversary of this blog.


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resistiv3 Back2Back Sessions @ Palate Palette


Bongo headz Mac and MH have banded together with the Loops Collective boys Anowl , Chi-Pulp and Tubby to form the new drum n bass collective resistiv3. Surprised? I am.

But I’m also glad because it’s always great to have a new dnb night in town and it’s great to see everyone working together, regardless of who’s from which crew. It’s even better that it’s going to be dark, hard and techy.

The guest of honor this Saturday is Kain from the Stateside label ohm resistance. See you at Palate Palette tomorrow night.

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Say it ain’t so!


Twitter is down, damnit.


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