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(Image from roomjp’s Flickr)

If you ever have to wait half an hour for some great sushi, make sure it’s at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Damas.

Their Unagi is better than your Unagi.

Read a good review of the restaurant at masak masak.



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I Want to be a Social Bookmarking Otaku


(Found via Hypediss)

Finding cool art like Neo-Nihonga is definitely one of the reasons why social bookmarking rocks.

Of course, there are a hundred more useful things that you can do with social bookmarking, like research and fact-finding, but nothing compares to the aimless pleasure of trend-spotting.

Speaking of social bookmarking, the last time I checked on Social Media Trader, there were about 115 social news and bookmark sites.

From tag battles on Hypediss to ‘human-powered search engines’ like Mahalo.

That’s a lotta sites.

I want to be a social bookmarking otaku.

I’m sure they already exist.


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