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Quiksilver Thinks Green!

Quiksilver and Roxy celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with a new campaign called Quiksilver Thinks Green, as an effort to reduce its own impact on the environment.

They’re launching a range of products using organic cotton and a range of bags and backpacks in Q-Tec, an environmentally- friendly coating replacing the traditional PVC coating; it contains no PVC, no dioxins, no heavy metals and has a higher water resistance and is more durable than traditional PVCs.

Their shops are also going to provide recycled paper shop bags made from pine.

Awesome, right? I’m always up for brands embracing best practices, especially when it comes to the environment.

So, what’s next? Hemp tees? Biodegradable surfboards?



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Trees 1, Old School Agency Practices 0


(Image from adgoodness)

When I first joined the agency, I was curious about how people behaved in advertising.

Coming from a background in publishing, I was used to a very casual work ethic that involved independent decision-making, a lot less stress and a lot more alcohol.

I was naturally concerned about the ever-increasing pile of job briefs on my table. We never had job briefs in publishing.

We had job bags that we’d dump copy sheets and image CDs into and sign-0ff when the work was done.

So, I decided to ask someone about it, someone who had been in advertising for a while.

Me: Dude, I have a question.

Senior Art Director: What’s up?

Me: Why are job briefs always printed out? How come they’re not e-mailed to you?

Senior Art Director: I don’t know, man. That’s just how it is.

Me: But why? Wouldn’t it be a lot more economical to just e-mail job briefs? We’d save paper, you know.

Senior Art Director: Well, that’s how it’s done. Besides, all job briefs have to be stamped and signed-off, don’t you know that?

Me: Really?

Senior Art Director: Yeah. Dude, don’t you have work to do?

Me: Yeah, man. But I still think it would make more sense to just e-mail job briefs.

Senior Art Director: Yeah, whatever, man.

So, yeah. I went back to my desk and forgot about the whole thing.

For, like, a year.

Today, we had our first agency WIP of the year and the boss announced that as of 2008, all job briefs would be e-mailed or put in a shared folder.

You can print them out if you want to, he said.

But they won’t be printed out when you get them, he said.


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