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Games take over corporate logos

Because these kinda things are fun. And that’s good enough for me. Thanks, Games Radar.


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Food & Politics

(Image from AllPosters.com)

A search on del.icio.us for the keyword ‘Malaysian’ reveals 4872 bookmarks.

The results are skewed in favor of politics and food porn.

I wonder; is this what most of us are blogging about?

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Is my Twitter going to replace my blog?

I’ve been spending considerably more time on Twitter than I have in the ‘Write’ page of this WordPress blog.

Don’t get me wrong; I love blogging!

But Twitter seems way easier to handle; given my excessively long hours at work, it’s easier to find words in a 140-character space than a standard blog post.

Maybe a short vacation is in order. =P


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kottke.org is ten


Jason Kottke recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of kottke.org, one of the most influential blogs on the Web.

Thanks for ten years of great ideas, Jason.

I wonder how many reskins I’ll have by the time I get to the tenth anniversary of this blog.


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Inspire me, now!


Inspire me now! is a blog that plugs awesome art and design.

Notice the simple interface? The uncluttered layout? Well, that’s probably because the blog is run by a dude called Szymon Blaszczy who is also, surprise, an information architect.

See! Told ya information architects pwn.

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Because it’s a Monday


(Image from WordsManifest)

It’s always good to have a few laughs.

Especially on a Monday.

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The Life Cycle of a Blog Post


One of the reasons why geeks love reading WIRED is because they take the trouble to create cool multimedia presentations that explain things like the life cycle of blog posts to their readers.

Not that geeks actually need to be told what the life cycle of a blog post is.

But hey, it doesn’t hurt to confirm stuff that you already know.

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