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Why Gordon Freeman doesn’t talk

Thanks for making me LOL, Kotaku.



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Comments is king

(Image from www.am.askanet.ne.jp)

I officially hate the phrase “Content is king”.

I hate it. I fucking hate it.

It’s so overused now that it has lost all meaning.

So what if you have great content? So what if you believe in high production values? What’s the point if no one leaves a comment?

We have to amend that concept to “Comments is king”.

Think about it; if your content doesn’t incite any sort of interaction from your audience, then is it really king? If I don’t feel the urge to leave a comment, right there and then, or if you don’t even give me the chance to leave a comment, right there and then, then what’s the point?

Where’s it gonna go from there?

Okay, here’s what I mean: The image above is a photo of Japanese rice field art. It’s cool in a steampunk Star Wars sorta way, but what’s even cooler is the number, and quality, of comments that it evokes.

There’s a whole debate going on about it, over there. Every one of those people have a valid opinion, a unique sentiment to express; are the patterns on the rice fields Photoshopped? Or are the photos real? Who knows? Who cares?

Your audience does. And it always shows.

So yeah, comments is king.

Chris Brogan, if you’re reading this, back me up?

(Source: Matador Pulse)

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Add-Art is officially my favourite Firefox add-on for this week.

It replaces all the annoying banner ads in your internets with cool art like Hiroshige’s One Hundred Famous View of Edo and Charles Broskoski’s Black Monochrome Paintings Cropped and Optimized for the Web.

I wonder if anyone will ever invent a Firefox add-on to replace annoying ad campaigns. Heh.

(Source: guerrilla-innovation.com)


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I’m going to urbanscapes

In case you were wondering.

Or missed the animated banner nestled in the blindspot at the top right corner of my page.

I’m rooting for Phlowtron, I Heart KL and KL Undercover.

See you at urbanscapes.

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Fuck Helvetica

Alexander Kaiser doesn’t hate Helvetica.

Neither do I. But I like the thought behind it.

So, buy a tee and wear it to your next review with your Creative Director. Or download Fuck Helvetica wallpaper and set it as your Art Director’s desktop background.


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I Want to be a Social Bookmarking Otaku


(Found via Hypediss)

Finding cool art like Neo-Nihonga is definitely one of the reasons why social bookmarking rocks.

Of course, there are a hundred more useful things that you can do with social bookmarking, like research and fact-finding, but nothing compares to the aimless pleasure of trend-spotting.

Speaking of social bookmarking, the last time I checked on Social Media Trader, there were about 115 social news and bookmark sites.

From tag battles on Hypediss to ‘human-powered search engines’ like Mahalo.

That’s a lotta sites.

I want to be a social bookmarking otaku.

I’m sure they already exist.


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