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BBC’s 100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year


(Image from Geordie Life.com)

Believe it or not, Newcastle is the noisiest place in England.

I think the noisiest place in Malaysia is a cinema.

Check out BBC News’ Magazine Monitor for 99 more interesting things that you didn’t know last year.



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Happy New Year (See You on the Other Side)


(Image from akbar simonse)

I’d like to thank some people for making 2007 an eventful year for me and, of course, for this weblog, too:

(in no particular order)

Carolina, I love reading Curiouser and Curiouser because of your great insights into social media. I’m glad we ‘met’. =)

Craplicious, we got off on the wrong foot but your brand of sarcasm is in a league of its own. I totally dig your Guide to Eye Rolling in Malaysia.

Danny Foo, we should round up the rest of the Web Standards geeks in KL and get rat-ass drunk. Whaddaya say?

Chairman Kuan, I hope your Epic party goes well. Kamo can’t make it for this one, but the beats are bouncin’ back in early 2008. See you then.

Sireh & Cengkeh, thanks for the interview. And I know how tedious interviews can be! Your magazine rocks.

Figure of Speech and The Works crew, thanks for the support! More drum ‘n bass in 2008!

Khai Lee, good luck with Bunch Out. I hope your project leads the way for more Malaysian start-up success stories.

Arun, hook me up with a job in Oman? I think need to get outta KL for a while. Well done on the article in Conversation Agent. We’re definitely on the same page when it comes to digital advertising.

Nora, can you let me win at Scrabulous, at least once? Please? I can’t grow any more braincells. =P

Jeffrey Zeldman, thank you for writing Designing with Web Standards. That book totally changed my perspective of the Web and I wouldn’t be blogging about what I’m blogging about if it wasn’t for you.

Kevin. Boss! Thanks for the kind comments. And I’ll finish the demo!

John, you’re such a media junkie. I think if we started a magazine with our FHM dream team we’d totally blow everyone else out of the water. Round up the old boys!

Charles Knight, I can’t wait to see what happens in 6 months. I think most of your predictions will come true. But I think Facebook still has a lotta fight left in it.

Chris Brogan, thanks for inspiring me to write meaningful posts. Speaking of which, I owe you No.35. =)

Sha, keep up the great work with eMenang. Internet millionnaire by mid-2008, OK? =)

Mark Iremonger, thank you for having such an enlightening blog. I think it’s a great thing that there are people in the agency network who are as switched on about digital advertising trends as you are.

To Werns, Sid, Junisa, Mooks, Elise, Dennis ‘Don’t Fuck with the Foo’ and the rest of my friends at Proximity Malaysia, it’s been a pretty interesting year and I think we should all be on holiday till February. But see you next week.

Agency Fusion, thanks for that entertaining advertisement. Can you invent a ‘Make All My Clients Understand the Web’ cream?

Gato, let’s shoot that skater documentary that we’ve been planning to shoot since, like, forever.

Jim Hedley, thanks for letting me use roto wire as my blog header in October.

Mark Jensen from the Copenhagen Business School for mentioning this blog as an information architecture reference!

And Lynne, no matter what happens next year or the years after that, you’ll always be my shorty, shorty.


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My Favorite TV Commercials of 2007

These ads made advertising a lot more fun this year.

Halo 3 “Believe”

Bud Light’s “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

Petronas “Tan Hong Ming”

Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed”

And of course, Agency Fusion’s “Make My Logo Bigger Cream”

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Usability: One of the best careers of 2007

U.S. News & World Report nominated ‘Usability/User Experience Specialist’ as one of the top 31 careers of 2007.

That’s great news.

Well, for Americans, at least.

I have no idea what the market is for usability specialists or information architects in Malaysia.

Whatever it is, I bet that a local information architect’s pay is probably nowhere near as awesome as it is Stateside.

Hey, maybe if I work hard enough, I might even qualify as an alien of exceptional ability!


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Kancil Awards 2007: Insights into Judging


(Image courtesy of kancilawards.com)

Last night, I attended a special session called ‘Insights into Judging’ that was organized by the 4As and 95% The Advertising Academy.

It was a basically a debrief on how the judges picked the metal winners for this year’s Kancil Awards.

I was curious and had a million questions that I wanted to ask Jury Chairman Edmund Choe about, like:

“What was your international benchmark for great interactive work?”

“Which agency inspired you the most this year?”

“Do you think that the advertising industry has a preference for awarding Golds to Flash websites?”

But halfway through the presentation, something happened that really put me off the whole thing.

It was when one of the judges said that effectiveness wasn’t a criteria that they were looking for in a winning campaign.

To be fair, the Kancil Awards is a creative awards festival. And things like ‘effectiveness’ probably don’t matter when it comes to getting creative directors to blush and fawn over your entries.

But my line of work, digital advertising, is founded on effectiveness.

The success of web campaigns are measured on the basis of effectiveness and everything on your banner ad or website can be tracked, analyzed and cataloged to a T.

And creativity is not merely in the presentation, but in the structure, too.

And it goes without saying; the more usable and accessible your work is, the more people you reach.

After hearing what the judge said about ‘effectiveness’ I felt like going home and doing something a little more productive with my time. Like hauling out my MIDI controller and making some beats.

Oh well.

I guess we’ve still got a long way to go until a CD says something like “Hey, I think that website deserves an award because I checked it out with my iPhone and it looks awesome. It even prints properly!”



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DMAM Awards 2007!


(Image courtesy of Nora)

We stole some more metals at this year’s DMAM Awards show. Woohoo.

I’m particularly pleased that our campaign for the new BMW 1 Series ‘What is your idea of joy?’ won a fair share of awards. It was the first online contest that we ever created based on tags and I think playing with tags is a pretty smartass idea. It scored some interesting results, too.

That’s me in the bottom left corner of the picture and the drunk dude sprawled across from me is Yap, one of our interns.

Who says interns don’t know how to rock?


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Kancil Awards 2007. Yeay!

While our counterparts at BBDO Malaysia picked up a bunch of Golds at the Kancil Awards this year, we did OK with 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes and a Merit.

Add this to our recent haul of 3 Golds at the Proximity Regional Awards, I’d say that things have turned out pretty alright, so far.

Big up, Proximity Malaysia!

Of course, I’m not going to rest until I win a Webby. As a web guy, that’s where the real money’s at, I think.

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