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Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards

I read somewhere that the reason why Japanese advertising is sometimes difficult to understand is because it’s so subtle.

That, and a whole lotta quirky.

Thanks to the iMedia Connection e-mail newsletter I received earlier today, I can share with you the results of Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards, courtesy of TIAA judge Akihito Abe.

Especially this Kendo blog widget, which features a Kendoka who whacks the living crap out of bad words in your copy.

It’s awesome! Try it.

Needless to say, the other winning entries were pretty interesting, too.

And a whole lotta ‘quirky’.


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Watchmen is probably the best comic ever created, next to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and of course, Ronin.

The comic, which is going to be made into a movie and slated for release in March 2009, should turn out to be pretty cool, too, since it’s directed by Zach Snyder (the dude who did an awesome job with Dawn of the Dead and 3oo).

What’s even cooler, though, is the fact that the pre-launch buzz is being channeled through a blog and not a typical flashy-but-useless Hollywood film website.

Blog entries are written by Zach Snyder and include news from last year’s Comic-Con, production stills and art. More importantly, it also comes with RSS, social bookmarking buttons and even a Flickr widget.


No, seriously, this is awesome.

This is how we do.

It’s refreshing to see a big film studio like Warner Brothers move away from those traditionally terrible film websites that aren’t user-friendly, don’t encourage feedback and never work properly, anyway.

I’ve been telling people the same old story since Day Frickin’ One; blogs aren’t just a great way to talk to your fanboys, they’re also a great way of sustaining the hype. If you know how to feed the right information to the right audiences, you can maintain the hype for as long as you want to.

The downside to Watchmen’s blog, however, is that you can’t post comments, so say goodbye to trackbacks, linkbacks and good old fashioned human discussion.

Zach, if you’re reading this, please enable comments! Comments are important!


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Have a slogan!


Here’s a tip; I love irony.

Which is why I love widgets like Have a slogan! ( which I found via Yellowpulp)

It mashes up popular advertising slogans with random ‘terrible’ things like crabs.

You can even embed the slogans on your blog. Just copy and paste away.

What’s clever, though, is the business model for this widget: The slogans are ‘generated’ by a white dude called Murphy and it takes only $1 a day to keep Murphy at work.

If every visitor finds Murphy’s slogans entertaining enough to justify a donation (and it’s only $1, Bob), and if there are thousands of visitors who donate every day, I think Murphy could end up being one of the richest motherfuckers on the interwebs in a matter of weeks.

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Blog Bumper Stickers


On the surface, Blog Bumper Stickers looks just like any other blog with cool freebies for you.

You can choose badges about anything from Myspace to Master Chief.

A closer look, however, reveals that the blog is actually hosted by an online dating service called Just Say Hi.

But you probably won’t notice that until you try putting a badge on your blog.

You’ll discover, to your surprise, that the HTML code you’ve just copied-and-pasted includes a text link ad for ‘Chicago Dating’.

Or was it Philly?


Especially when it’s sitting right under a Cyberdemon from Doom.

It’s a little sneaky to be hardcoding your ads into cute little buttons that people are bound to download, but I got a little brainwave while I was silently disapproving of their practices.

What if you were to target the ads properly?

What if you struck deals with websites that were relevant to your audiences?

And taking it a little further, what if you kept the hidden text link ads as a prerequisite to installing a bumper sticker on your blog, but also allowed your audiences to choose their own text link ads?

I bet a person who installs a Master Chief button wouldn’t mind it that much if their text link ad directed readers to Gamespy, wouldn’t you agree?

Imagine if you could pair up the Sushi badges with the nearest Sushi bars in town. Or the geek badges to Techcrunch. Or the ‘i love my ibook’ badges to Apple stores.

Damn. Figure out a clever advertising model, and you’d be rolling in AdSense dollars in next to no time.

Well, it’s just a thought, anyway.


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