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There’s culture jamming, and then there’s the Billboard Liberation Front.

Last week, the BLF ‘improved’ a billboard on behalf of its ‘clients’ AT&T and the National Security Agency. Focusing on billboards in the San Francisco area, this action is designed to promote and celebrate the innovative collaboration of these two global communications giants.

I’m not averse to activism (it’s not graffiti, it’s a timely improvement of outdoor advertising) and I think these guys are kinda cool because what they’re doing is intelligent, it’s done tastefully and it has a purpose; it’s not like they’re spraying billboards because they’re loaded up on crystal meth and have no place to go.

The BLF have a manifesto and it makes some sense. They also have a quirky sense of humor; advertisers are known as ‘clients’ and ‘strategic partners’ are people like Adbusters and the Wooster Collective.


Most important of all, the BLF raises a pretty good question; at which point does a billboard cease to be advertising and become an unnecessary public space?


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resistiv3 Back2Back Sessions @ Palate Palette


Bongo headz Mac and MH have banded together with the Loops Collective boys Anowl , Chi-Pulp and Tubby to form the new drum n bass collective resistiv3. Surprised? I am.

But I’m also glad because it’s always great to have a new dnb night in town and it’s great to see everyone working together, regardless of who’s from which crew. It’s even better that it’s going to be dark, hard and techy.

The guest of honor this Saturday is Kain from the Stateside label ohm resistance. See you at Palate Palette tomorrow night.

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Say it ain’t so!


Twitter is down, damnit.


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WSMY is on XHTML Challenge!

We’ve just been challenged by a Malaysian web designer called Kai Loon. We like his CSS, too, so we consider it an honor! =P

By the way, we’re on another ‘Hot or Not’ site called And now, we rank in the Top 15% of websites. That’s right, we’re #20 in Web Standards, yo.

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Grooverider jailed!


(Image from Resident Advisor)

Just read an article on Times Online that reports Grooverider’s been sentenced to four years in prison in Dubai for possession of drugs and porn.

The article goes on to say that Grooverider, who made his name “DJing at illegal warehouse parties, is recognised as a pioneer of the abrasive style of dance music known as drum and bass.”

WTF? Abrasive? How is drum n bass abrasive? Aren’t we over those stupid stereotypes, already? But really Groove, you oughta know better.


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This blog is so Minimal now


(Image from Resident Advisor)

Minimal is dead.

Destroy Minimal.


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iA Web Trend Map 2008


Information Architects Japan has just announced the beta version of their Web Trend Map 2008!

It features 300 of this year’s most influential and successful websites, pinned down to the greater Tokyo-area train map.

Being a beta version than last year’s map (Hey, what’s up, Theo?), you can download the map in PDF, mess about with a clickable online version and even suggest sites that you think the creators have missed out.

And for fanboys, there’s even a limited-edition A0-sized poster that costs only USD$50.


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