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Cinematic Trailers Vs Emergent Gameplay

What do you think works best at marketing a new video game? A cinematic trailer or an example of emergent gameplay?

When it comes to making a decision to purchase or download a game, do you think gamers want to know more about what’s going to happen in a game like Crysis, or simply what they can do in it?

Either way, watch the video to find out what happens when 3000 barrels fall down in Crysis.



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Mr T and Captain Kirk on WoW

I thought the Toyota ad was funny. But childhood heroes like Mr T and William Shatner spitting about World of Warcraft sure takes the cake.

“Get World of Warcraft, dog, and you can be anyone you want.”

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My Toyota Pwned Ur Warlock

So, when are we going to put a Malaysian in a video game?

We’ve put a Malaysian into space. We’ve sent a Malaysian around the world in a yacht. And two of our citizens have made it to the top of Mount Everest.

The last time something Malaysian was in a video game was the Petronas Twin Towers in Hitman 2. And that was so 2002.

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