7 Things You Probably Know About Agenda

(Image from Minimate Multiverse)

I’ve been working at Agenda (Wunderman) for almost a year now.

Yes, time flies a little faster when you’re in advertising. So, what can I tell you about Agenda?

1. Everyone knows who Zeldman is: We love CSS. We love Web Standards. And we love our web design heroes; we’re just geeky like that.

2. The company started off selling browsers: Our CEO, Steve Hsia, started his business in Malaysia in the late Nineties as a Netscape Navigator reseller.

3. Our office is at Solaris, Mont Kiara: It’s a new place and it’s a relatively quiet place for an agency. And we’re right above Tenji (Warning: Link leads to food porn).

4. Everyone multitasks: Designers, like Agnes, can code and make magic in Flash, writers and art directors, like me, Khairul and Danny, create the user experience and information architecture. Of course, it can suck when you have to churn out copy AND create the sitemaps and user flows, but hey, it’s easier when the guy who’s laying out your design knows precisely how to code it.

5. We’re into usability and accessibility: We approach every website project with the idea of simply improving the user experience. It’s not just about making a pretty website; it’s also about making it fun and friendly towards the people who use it. We’ve got Paul, our creative director, and of course, Ari, to thank for this.

6. We like to do things differently: Just ask David. We’re constantly thinking of ways to run ad campaigns that are not based purely on traditional methods of web banners, microsites and Facebook pages. I think I’ve worked on, like, three interactive web banners since I got here. And that’s a good thing, I think.

7. We have a Foosball table: That no one ever plays.

Want to know more? Drop your questions in the comments section below.



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2 responses to “7 Things You Probably Know About Agenda

  1. Suffian Rahman

    Yes, I forgot to mention that we have an Xbox 360 in the office. I don’t really get excited about gaming in the office anymore, though, ever since I got my own console (thanks to Nora). Hehe.

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