All quiet on the Western Front

A couple of weeks ago, I didn’t care about aneurysms.

Then, my Dad had one and it’s impacted my life in ways that I never expected. But all’s well that ends well; the old soldier had a successful operation, he’s now recovering at home and we’re keeping a close eye on him.

Thanks for all of your prayers, your kind wishes and most of all, your patience and understanding.



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6 responses to “All quiet on the Western Front

  1. I like the new skin – very clean & organized – but I’m gonna miss your funky header graphics šŸ™‚

    Keep a closer eye on your dad though. He has already proven to be too much like you and I can imagine what you’re capable of if you were to be in his shoes. Does naughtiness run in the family? Because we’re gonna have a lot of problems there.

    *hugs* You’re doing fantastic as a son, brother and person šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, one more thing, with this skin, does that mean there’s no “About” page? We all know how important the “About” page is, Mr. Information Architect.

  3. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks, Nora. I’m just doing what any other son would do when his dad gets sick. As for the ‘About’ page, I’ll get round to it. Lazy lah.

  4. Selamat Hari Raya, Suffian. Good to hear things went very well with your dad. We very much needed good news like this in the spirit of Syawal.

  5. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks, Zana. It was a very different Raya this year, but all’s well that ends well. *fingers crossed*

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