A knuckle too many

I was browsing A List Apart’s store and it occurred to me that their XHTML Fist tee has five knuckles.

No offense to Marilyn Monroe or folks with extra digits, but what is the meaning of this?

There must be some cool explanation behind it that I’m not getting.

Any ideas?

By the way, all of the tees are sold out, except for Redesign/Realign.

Since I was planning on geeking out my wardrobe anyway, I went over to Agency Fusion’s Make My Logo Bigger Cream shop. They still stock those cool trucker caps, mugs and ohwhythehellnot, boxer shorts.

Maybe I’ll get a trucker cap.



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4 responses to “A knuckle too many

  1. ari

    my bet is that because the x in html stands for extensible, that’s why the extra finger. ;P

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Good guess, Ari! Maybe the ‘x’ is used in the same context as ‘X-Men’ because you gotta be some kinda mutant to have 5 knuckles. Hehe.

  3. Suffian: If you don’t already have one of the official “Make My Logo Bigger Cream” T-shirts let me know and we’ll get one sent to you. Thanks!

  4. Suffian Rahman

    Wow, thanks Brett! Nope, I don’t have one yet. I’ll send you an email with my contact details right away.

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