No one actually knows how old our grandmother is.

All we know is that Nani was a child during the Second World War. She was adopted by her uncle after her parents were killed when the Imperial Japanese Army bombed their shophouse in Penang.

All records of her birth were lost, along with everything else her family owned.

I don’t mind that no one knows her actual age. I’m just glad that I took that picture when she dropped by our house for dinner last night.

I haven’t seen her smile like that in a long, long time.



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8 responses to “Nani

  1. Now we know where you got your thick lower lips!

    I’m glad to see you exercising your photography skills (referring to both this post and your latest one of Kembali) 😀

  2. P.S. I love your new header image.

  3. Suffian Rahman

    Thank you, thank you. *bows*

    The header is from graphicshifter on deviantart. His designs are awesome in a futuristic, drum n bass sorta way. =P

  4. I love the faces of old folks- every wrinkle tells a story.

  5. Suffian Rahman

    Yes, you can often see an expanse of emotion in the faces of the old. It makes for an interesting metaphor: when you’re a kid you start off with a face with no wrinkles; it’s a clean slate. The older you get, the more things you experience. And the more it shows.

  6. i think Nani was born sometime around 1930 or earlier.
    she’s in her 80s and still going strong 🙂

  7. Suffian Rahman

    You serious, Shaks? She doesn’t look a day over 60, to me. =)

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