This is quite possibly the best Butterfingers album ever.

Seven years ago, I’d never have thought that I’d ever hear Emmett sing in Malay, let alone release a whole album of Malay songs.

But a lot of things can happen in seven years. I am glad their music has turned out the way it has.



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6 responses to “Kembali

  1. I spot a typo! This time in a tag! Butterfigners? I’ve never heard of such a band. Do you mean Butterfingers? LOL.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Hehe. Typo is fixed!

  3. I was skeptical when they wanted to make Selamat Tinggal Dunia. But 2 albums later, they sound like they were always meant to sing in Malay.

    Oh man, I get the shivers after listening to Kembali.

  4. and oh yeah, this is so random..but after seeing you ‘about’ page, I just found out that I knew your girlfriend. Nora, right?

    man, this is so weird. small world. cheers!

  5. Suffian Rahman

    Zurairi, I get the shivers when I listen to Kembali, too. My other favorite track is Lengkap Semula. I think their new sound is both brave and powerful. And yeah, Nora is my girlfriend. It’s a KL thing, I think! Everyone actually knows everyone.

  6. Zurairi… Wait, Zek from the YTM Induction Camp way back in 2003? No way!

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