(Image from roomjp’s Flickr)

If you ever have to wait half an hour for some great sushi, make sure it’s at Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant in Plaza Damas.

Their Unagi is better than your Unagi.

Read a good review of the restaurant at masak masak.



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5 responses to “Rakuzen

  1. Hey, that almost looks like where we sat, except:

    1. there’s no buzzer at the table in the photo
    2. there’s no line of wood planks against the glass wall at the end (like in the photo) when we went so this might be taken at the other aisles

    But yes, Rakuzen pwns!

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Wow, you’re pretty observant, babe. But I’m sure you knew that. Yeah, Rakuzen has the best Unagi ever!

  3. No, I’m not pretty observant. I’m very observant.

    Sometimes 😛

  4. Suffian Rahman

    I agree!

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