Paper Prototypes Rule

(Image from Jack Dorsey’s Flickr)

I have to admit that using Visio is superawesome when it comes to sketching out wireframes and interactions (especially with Nick Finck’s stencils), but you should never discount the importance of paper prototypes.

There’s a great post about it on Deep Linking called The Paper Version of the Web. Read it!

I wish I could sketch out wireframes and prototypes that are as good as the ones my creative director Paul Tinsley does.

But then, I suck at drawing, so I guess I’ll stick to computers. Meh.



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5 responses to “Paper Prototypes Rule

  1. I spy with my not-so-little eye…

    … a broken hyperlink!


  2. Suffian Rahman

    Blasphemy fixed! =P

  3. The pen and the paper has been around much longer after all! 😀

  4. Suffian Rahman

    Word. I’m not too old for drawing classes, am i? Oh and nice one on landing the Atmosphere radio show gig!

  5. Tune in this sunday night if you’re still awake. It’s my mate’s show…so thanks to him man. :]

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