adidas Training 72

(Image from EUkicks)

I saw a pair of adidas Training 72 at the adidas Originals store in KLCC, a few days ago.

But, dumbass me, I didn’t buy them on the spot, just like I did when I saw my adidas CG Tour.

Now, they don’t have my size anymore. =(

Moral of the story: When it comes to vintage sneakers, always buy first, and ask questions later!

Meanwhile, there’s always the adidas Skateboarding Spring/Summer collection to pine about…



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2 responses to “adidas Training 72

  1. Aww man, the brown one is sweet!

    What size could you be that it runs out so fast? 8, like every other dudes I know?

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Yup, the brown one is awesome! Yes, I am a size 8. It must be the Average Malaysian Dude size. Hehe.

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