Young, Early June

I mentioned to Nora earlier this morning that the month of June has always been good to me.

I guess it’s silly of me to still think of June as the best month of summer, the month where, in the West, life inevitably starts anew, but I’ve always equated June with blossoming flowers, honest smiles and bright, sunny days.

Read what I wrote about June on my old blog, Kamotherapy, in 2005 and holler if you agree with me.

You can holler even if you don’t, because, this, my friends, is the Internet.

And speaking of which, it’s good to be back.



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3 responses to “Young, Early June

  1. One reason might be because you’ve lived in London, therefore you’ve experienced the transition between spring and summer. Others (like me) might never have experienced transitions (e.g. only been season) hence our nonchalance.overseas in a certain

    Two, maybe it was because June 2005, you just started a new job.

    Three, you met a girl.

    I guess everyone have different times in a year that we feel is special or a symbolization of something.

  2. Okay, something screwed up:

    (e.g. only been overseas in a certain season) hence our nonchalance.

    I think it’s my over-clicking of text 😛

  3. Suffian Rahman

    I agree with you; I think most people do have a symbolic month in the year where (almost) everything goes right. But it does seem that way this year because I am starting an awesome new job and even though it happened many months earlier, I did meet an awesome girl. =P

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