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Yes, the rumors are true.

After a year and nine months, I left Proximity Malaysia on May 8 and I’ve been bumming ever since.

Although it hasn’t been all bumming around; I’ve also just moved to a new ‘hood and been busy sorting through 14 years worth of stuff.

(That’s how long we stayed at our old house)

I’ve also been trying to get broadband hooked up and a bunch of other things that I never got to do while I was working at Proximity haven’t done in a while.

I’m not going to write about my last day, but you can read an entertaining and eloquent account of it here.




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7 responses to “Disowned

  1. Khairul

    good luck suff…hey we still don’t go out for lunch lagi lor…

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Yeah man. We should meet up before I start working again. Got lots to talk about. By the way, how good are you with Visio? =P

  3. Khairul

    hm…im just so-so with visio..huhuhu..when r u free for lunch? any suggestion?

  4. Wee Ling

    This is weird – I stumbled upon your blog when i Googled adfest 2008 and I realised we’ve been working under the same roof (BBDO) …and I didn’t know you’ve left. (I’m the writer who’s partnering Diana now.)

    Your blog is really interesting. and yeah, good luck!

  5. Suffian Rahman

    Haha well at least you’re so-so. I have to ace it in a few weeks. We’re gonna use Visio as our main IA tool until someone invents something better. How about next week? I’ll PM you on Facebook!

    @Wee Ling:
    Yes, it’s weird. I know you from Nora, who went to BBDO workout in Singapore with you. Thanks for the feedback. Hope everything is well with you guys at BBDO. =)

  6. Wah, didn’t know your departure would be so dramatic–but good luck on your new venture, man; it sounds like you’ve got a kick-ass master plan in mind.

  7. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks, John. And I get a laptop. With Visio. And Illustrator. And CS3. And…well, you get the idea. Hehe.

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