25 Years in Usability

(Image from useit.com)

” Since I started in 1983, the usability field has grown by 5,000%. It’s a wonderful job — and still a promising career choice for new people.”

– Jakob Nielsen, web usability consultant.

Congratulations to Jakob Nielsen for the first 25 years of improving the Web!

I’ve learned heaps from his books and even just being on his mailing list.

Here’s to the next 25 years of knowledge, guidance and inspiration from the guru of Web page usability.


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One response to “25 Years in Usability

  1. they talks about usability, accessibility..
    which accessibility tools should we choose?

    cynthiasays.com for WAI is not valid anymore, I guess (since they said it just for edu purposes)
    but the section 508 tool is valid

    wave.webaim.org..nice tool but less informative

    atrc.utoronto.ca..I guess it has better description for the results

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