Quiksilver Thinks Green!

Quiksilver and Roxy celebrate Earth Day tomorrow with a new campaign called Quiksilver Thinks Green, as an effort to reduce its own impact on the environment.

They’re launching a range of products using organic cotton and a range of bags and backpacks in Q-Tec, an environmentally- friendly coating replacing the traditional PVC coating; it contains no PVC, no dioxins, no heavy metals and has a higher water resistance and is more durable than traditional PVCs.

Their shops are also going to provide recycled paper shop bags made from pine.

Awesome, right? I’m always up for brands embracing best practices, especially when it comes to the environment.

So, what’s next? Hemp tees? Biodegradable surfboards?



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3 responses to “Quiksilver Thinks Green!

  1. Fantastic! Go Quiksilver, go Roxy, go Green!

  2. Bio-based surfboards are available, check out Biofoam (soy-based) and IceNine (sugar-based). There’s a lot of smaller surf brands making real headway into providing more sustainable products.

  3. Suffian Rahman

    Yup, I’m happy one of my all-time favorite brands is finally going green. =)

    @ lawless:
    Woah! That’s awesome. I didn’t know that it was already on the market. Shows how ignorant I can be sometimes. Thanks for the comment!

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