Mozilla’s code turns ten, too


Yup, while we’re on the subject of things turning ten, let’s not forget that Mozilla deserves props for making the Web a better place to surf.

Yes, they’re the folks who invented Firefox, the best browser in the Whole Wide World.

They released the source code for Mozilla on March 31, 1998.

Happy birthday, Mozilla.



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2 responses to “Mozilla’s code turns ten, too

  1. Interested in reproducing this image in an upcoming book. Can you please contact me at my email address?

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Hey Amy, thanks for dropping by but I’m sorry, the image isn’t mine! I got it from a Google search for “Firefox Wallpapers” and darn it, it looks like I forgot to link to the source, properly. It’s actuallt titled as the Mozilla Developer Center Poster and you can find it at the Mozilla Store.

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