Working Weekends


Working weekends is bad.

Working every other fucking weekend is just plain dehumanizing.

So, rather than suffer the stress, I channeled my anger into making Elise a toilet paper snowman.



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4 responses to “Working Weekends

  1. We can always count on Suff to be cute when he’s at the verge of combusting from stress šŸ˜› Do I get a toilet paper monkey the next time you squander your weekend at the office?

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Yup, I think it’s do-able. Once you know how to make a toilet paper snowman, you can probably make anything. =P

  3. HAHA. Cute. I want a drum n bass Mariah snow thingy!

  4. Suffian Rahman

    Haha. I’ll give it a try. Mariah is still hot, man.

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