Digital Experience Design + The Digital Agency

Found this nice slide show about user experience, design and its relation to digital advertising, created by David Armano, VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass.

Got me thinking; is the design the experience?

What do you think?


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One response to “Digital Experience Design + The Digital Agency

  1. Hi,

    Just a quick response. And it’ll probably seem obvious but the design is what happens on the screen, and the experience is what happens inside the head of the consumer who is looking at the screen. There are two differences:

    1. To create an delightful customer experience you have to understand the user’s motivation, behaviour and context
    2. The experience will be influenced by everything. Even if the customer can find what they want, are they easily able to order it, how long does it take to arrive and so on. What’s the worst part of the Vista experience? It is performance not traditional design. Why did fail? Because they didn’t think about the situation that the customer was facing.

    So, I would say, the ‘design’ (meaning interaction and visual design) is a central part of the experience but by no means all of it.

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