Grooverider jailed!


(Image from Resident Advisor)

Just read an article on Times Online that reports Grooverider’s been sentenced to four years in prison in Dubai for possession of drugs and porn.

The article goes on to say that Grooverider, who made his name “DJing at illegal warehouse parties, is recognised as a pioneer of the abrasive style of dance music known as drum and bass.”

WTF? Abrasive? How is drum n bass abrasive? Aren’t we over those stupid stereotypes, already? But really Groove, you oughta know better.



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2 responses to “Grooverider jailed!

  1. therulebook

    I think the Times article was referring to the early days of his career, as a pioneer of the tech step, hard edge style originally culled from the early hardcore rave scene. He’s always championed the dark side of DnB. Compare that to Fabio’s liquid funk sound, and they have a good point.

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