Presidential Candidate Web Design Review


In December last year, I ranted about how impressed I was with Barack Obama’s website.

Dustin Brewer, a web designer from Oklahoma, recently did a great job of reviewing all of the presidential candidates’ websites.

Dustin looked at the websites’ design, coding and navigation, pointing out a lot of interesting things along the way.

If a candidate’s appreciation of websites reflects their attitude towards campaigning, and perhaps even governance, then if I had to pick a favorite again, I’d still put my money on Obama. =P



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3 responses to “Presidential Candidate Web Design Review

  1. Yup, I saw it awhile back too. And it totally blew me away. He didn’t have so much of that ‘Uncle Sam’ kinda feel. Just plain corporate and full of spirit plus strong presentation of case.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Yup. Obama’s site is definitely the best among the presidential contenders. It’s not 100% standards-compliant, but it’s fresh, informative and stands well apart from the competition.

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