What skills do you need to be an Information Architect?


(Image from John B’s MySpace!)

The Information Architecture Institute conducted a survey in July, 2004, to find out what sort of competencies information architects need to have in their skill set.

I’ve crossed out the skills that I think I’m good at and left out the ones that I think I completely suck at:

  1. Navigation Systems
  2. Labeling Systems
  3. Blueprints & Wireframes
  4. Collaboration Skills
  5. Client Relationship Skills
  6. Audience Modeling
  7. Behavior Modeling
  8. User Interface Design
  9. Interaction Design
  10. Search Engine Technology
  11. Metadata
  12. Indexing
  13. Search Systems
  14. Conceptual Maps
  15. Content Analysis
  16. Content Strategy
  17. Writing
  18. Ontologies

Hehe. 12 out of 18.

Not bad, eh?



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2 responses to “What skills do you need to be an Information Architect?

  1. Stephanie

    Hey 🙂
    Not bad at all actually… You can now change your title from “IA wannabe” to “IA in the making” hehe.
    Thanks for dropping a note btw… And great blog!
    Catch you later 🙂

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks for dropping by, Stephanie. I wish I could change my title, though. =P

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