Top Usability and Interaction Design Books


(Image from Psych Services, USCD)

A while ago, I recommended that you steal a book by Jakob Nielsen on web usability.

Recently, Smashing Magazine compiled the web usability to-read list.

Have a look at the list. Don’t you just feel like stealing reading all of them?



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3 responses to “Top Usability and Interaction Design Books

  1. Firstly – great blog – I’m liking it and unlike mine its an interesting read! Secondly this list seems to miss a few books…try Dan M Brown’s Communicating Design and also James Kalbach’s Designing Web Navigation. They are not strictly about the wider interaction design scene, but more specifically about how to inform people using design deliverables (the wireframe for one) and also the complex interactions of websites. Now some of these books are heavily skewed towards software interface design and to me as an IA thats always a bit of a let down. Don’t make me Think is a great book as you can do it in an afternoon. Cheers J

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Thanks for the head’s up, James! Don’t Make Me Think is definitely up there on my list of user experience books to read. By the way, I like your post on relationship maps. I think it’s important to know that websites are, at heart, organic. Especially when it comes to FMCG and telco clients. The sheer number of promos and campaigns that we go through each year is astounding. =)

  3. Suffian – I just realised my profile pointed to an old page – more here: – Cheers

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