Boarding it up

I used to wonder what the point was when people asked me to print out and board up our web pages. In an age where it’s easier, and of course, more convenient to e-mail or FTP your work to clients, why would anyone need an A3-sized full-color print to sell an idea?

The difference, as I would soon discover at presentations and WIP meetings with clients, is that you decide what your client looks at first, not your client.

You sequence, you juxtapose and you cajole and flatter your own work, instead of running the risk of letting your audience decide what to praise or criticize first. You orchestrate and make the sale before anyone else so much as blinks away their apprehension.

Coincidentally, Jason Beaird wrote a great article on wpdfd about why it’s good to board up your web pages. Save yourself some time, and unnecessary wondering.

Go read it.

And go read his book The Principals of Beautiful Web Design to get some more useful tips on designing websites.


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