It’s kinda sad, but we didn’t have any ‘mainstream’ Malay rock bands like Hujan when I was growing up.

We had Nineties hair metal, slow rock and pop bands who wrote depressing ballads at what sounded like 40 beats per minute.

It was so lame-ass.

Thankfully, there are heaps of new bands like Hujan, Meet Uncle Hussein and Bittersweet who have massively upped the energy, creativity and cool factor. They’re young, they’re hip and they all know how to do business; they market and sell their own music, they know what social media is and they’re not afraid to use it.

And they probably don’t give a fuck about the Scorpions, either. is a cool new forum for Hujan fans. Or raingers, as they’re known.

My $0.02?

It’s fresh.

It takes you straight into what’s happening with the band right now by emphasizing on upcoming gigs and mobile ringtone promotions, consigning all of the usual background information like bios and discogs to their MySpace page.

A long list of raingers occupies some important screen space and is even afforded a page of its own, a nice touch that shows how much the band appreciates its fans.

There are a few discrepancies, though.

There’s a bit of repetition in the content; there are like 3 versions of the Gig Calendar, a Search bar and a Search page and you’d expect a list of friends and favourite bands in their Links section – currently, you get nada.

To be fair, it’s not really a big deal because the site has just barely launched. But I’d expect to see those things fixed in the coming months.

In the meantime, you can check, check, rock, rock out to this cool video, Pagi Yang Gelap.



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8 responses to “

    ohyeah !

  2. thx 4 the review…. admin-

  3. Suffian Rahman

    You’re welcome, ashraf. Nice forum!

  4. Suffian Rahman

    Word. Hujan totally rocks. I’m proud that we have bands like this now.

  5. there is lot of great band on 90’s..
    lol..they are even famous than Hujan now..
    anyway,Hujan Rox.

  6. Suffian Rahman

    True, StuckS. I never really got into them because I couldn’t understand Malay that well, back then. I spent my childhood in the UK, so my command of Bahasa Melayu was terrible when I got back here in the early 90s. But then, I was never really into hair-metal bands, either. =P

  7. O.o”
    I didnt know that..hehe

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