Sir Richard Branson on being Dyslexic


(Image from Global Conditions)

Has your dyslexia hindered you in the business world?

—Skye O’Brien, Dartmouth, Mass.

Strangely, I think my dyslexia has helped. When I launch a new company, I need to understand the advertising. If I can understand it, then I believe anybody can. Virgin speaks in normal language instead of using phrases that nobody understands, like “financial-service industry.”

I feel a lot better as a dyslexic knowing that people like Sir Richard Branson are dyslexic, too.

If it didn’t stop him from buying an island, it sure as hell ain’t gonna stop me, either. =P



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2 responses to “Sir Richard Branson on being Dyslexic

  1. Catherine Black

    Request for PhD Funding – Visualisation Ability in People with Dyslexia

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I have been accepted to do a PhD in Visualization Ability in People with Dyslexia at the University of Bath this September. I shall be focusing on the ability of children with Dyslexia to visualize objects from different angles (mentally rotate) and recognize when objects are symmetrical (symmetry recognition). If people with Dyslexia can be scientifically shown to have strengths in these areas, this will give scientific credibility to the claims of people in professions such as art, architecture, graphic design and engineering that people with Dyslexia seem to have strengths in these visual-spatial areas. My supervisor is senior lecturer in the Psychology Department at Bath.

    I am researching this area because I feel it is important to do research into the strengths of people with Dyslexia. Most current Dyslexia research focuses exclusive on Dyslexic weaknesses. Research into Dyslexic strengths is needed to identify things which people with Dyslexia can do well. This will have a positive impact on Advocacy and employment for people with Dyslexia. Researching Dyslexic strengths also allows one to gain a greater understanding of how one can use the strengths of Dyslexia to overcome the weaknesses.

    I was wondering if your organization be able to help fund me in this endeavor. Please email me back and I shall send you my Proposal and CV. I would welcome feedback on my Proposal before I submit it formally.

    I have extensive experience working with children with autism, dyslexia and other disabilities. I also have compensated dyslexia myself, managing to go from a reading and writing age of 5 at 8 years old to a reading and writing age of 9 at 9 years old. I have a 2:1 in Psychology from Royal Holloway, University of London, and am currently studying for an EPSRC funded MSc in Human Communication and Computing at the University of Bath. As part of this course I am completing a 6 month research project on how Computer Usability can be Enhanced for People with Dyslexia.

    Best wishes,

    Catherine Black

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Wow, Catherine. That’s inspiring news! You’re on to a great thing. If you can prove your theory, it will make a lot of people’s lives a lot more purposeful. I’m not sure how I can help you with funding, but I’d be more than happy to help out any other way to advance your cause and spread the good news.

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