Not that it counts, but Barack Obama has my vote in the upcoming 2008 US Presidential Elections.

I also think his website is the freshest of all the frontrunners, although Rudy’s site is pretty good, too.

Sure, there’s a bit of clutter with all those buttons in the top right side of Obama’s Home page, but I like how all of the important categories are divided into easily-accessible buckets of information from Upcoming Events to his social networking links.

I like how his campaign issues are alloted a page each and all of the important content is backed up by transcripts and videos.

It’s amazing how well some of the leading candidates have used the Internet to take their campaigns that extra mile.

Want a deeper analysis of how the candidates are using the Web and how the Web is using them? Go to techPresident.

I wonder if Malaysian politicians will learn from this and use the Web appropriately in our upcoming 12th General Elections.

Meanwhile, good luck Obama!



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