Some Clients Can Be Cool, Too


While it’s therapeutic to bitch about clients on blogs, it’s also great to read stories about what it’s like to work with cool clients.

Andy Rutledge talks about what it was like to design a website for his 10 year-old son Evan.

The brief?

“To talk about the books I read.”

How cool is that?

Check out Evan’s Book Site here.



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2 responses to “Some Clients Can Be Cool, Too

  1. krauseann

    That is so cool! My husband recently did something similar and set up blogs for his three children. Our son, who chose a dramatic red and black theme, is writing about D&D and TaeKwonDo. Our daughter (whose site is all pink) wants to write about environmental issues (especially about how it affects the animals). My husband’s other daughter shares her poetry, but hasn’t touched the gray funky design template her dad “gave” her. All three of them were extremely excited to have their own forms of self-expression.

    I love Evan’s book site! He’s absolutely right–there are others out there that want to hear what he thinks of the books he reads.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    Yeah I think its awesome that Evan has his own website. Kids are much smarter nowadays. =)

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