The Facebook Marketing Bible


Just when you think that people have written everything there is to write about Facebook, I found, via, a blog that pretty much tops everything else out there.

The Facebook Marketing Bible from Justin Smith promises to teach you 24 ways to market your brand, company, product, or service inside Facebook.

For the price of $195, you get the complete lowdown on how to squeeze the most out of the social networking site from the viewpoint of guerrilla marketers, advertisers and application developers.

But if you’re not up for so much reading, there’s also the 100-word version from Valleywag.

Facebook overload or necessary reading?

Nevertheless, I’ve already decided that I’m going to build a Facebook app in 2008; if not for the learning experience, then the sheer novelty of it will suffice.

If it’s still a novelty by the time I get it done, of course.


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