Tourism Malaysia


Tourism Malaysia is back online.

Nice work to the web team for getting the site up and running in 24 hours.

The incident might have happened in the proverbial blink of an eye, but it got me thinking; how do hackers choose the websites that they deface?

Do they look for the ones that are the easiest to break into? Do they choose websites based on their political views?

Or do they just hit websites that suck?

If that’s the case, does Tourism Malaysia suck?

Well, I think it does kinda suck, for the following reasons:

1. I don’t know where to start; there is too much information for me to take look at, all in one go.

2. The ‘Featured Destination’ changes every 3 seconds, cycling through Kuala Lumpur, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and Mount Kinabalu. Is that all Malaysia has to offer?

3. There are two white people strolling through the jungle in the masthead. Why?

4.When I click on links in the News Release section I go to a new page called Media Centre. Shouldn’t it have just said ‘Media Centre’ on the Home page?

5. The default fonts are tiny.

6. The content isn’t geared for selling; the website looks more like a Wiki on Malaysia than a portal for tourists.

On the bright side, you can download a bunch of Powerpoint presentations on Malaysia.


But what about streaming videos of historic events like Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Merdeka proclamation? Podcasts on Petaling Street? A photo essay on the Taman Negara?

How about some links to great local content?

And what’s the difference between this site and the Consumer Travel Website?

Looking for tourist sites that are actually made for tourists?

Check out, the Japan National Tourist Organization or South Africa.

But hey, 2008 is the year to visit Terengganu.

And Terengganu, ladies and gentlemen, is simply beautiful.



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2 responses to “Tourism Malaysia

  1. And because 2008 is the year to visit Terengganu, they’ve brought in the Monsoon Cup and Kota Warisan to Pulau Duyong, simultaneously causing urbanisation on that teeny little island.

    It’s great that they’re going to replace those old shacks with solid, concrete 22x75s and with it being “some sort of catalyst of income for the people of Duyong” but why can’t they just let everyone see Terengganu sans all the frills?

    Haha sorry Suff, I get all emo when people are yanking my roots off; Pulau Duyong is a major family legacy.

  2. Suffian Rahman

    I think it’s okay to get a little emo when it comes to things like that, Nora. Urbanization in Malaysia is like Jamie Lynn Spears going preggers…catastrophic and unplanned. =P

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