2008 Web predictions, anyone?


(Image from Rotten Tomatoes © 20th Century Fox)

Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

Everyone from Web Worker Daily to the techies at downloadsquad have cast their own visions of the immediate future of the Web.

One of my favorite lists is from ReadWriteWeb, which features some precognitive wisdom from Richard MacManus and his team, as well as AltSearchEngines editor Charles Knight.

There’s even a Twitter stream called predictions 08 that tracks everyone’s predictions, in case you feel like adding your own prophetic 140 characters to the conversation.

Me? I’m not even going to bother.

As the Sopranos would say: Fuhgeddaboudit!



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5 responses to “2008 Web predictions, anyone?

  1. Fair enough! There is no shortage of year end lists. But speaking for the AltSearchEngines link, I put an entire year’s thought into my five and I
    glady stand behind them.

    Let’s get in touch in March or June and see how things are going – with the other lists, too. That would make for a very interesting post!


    Charles Knight, editor
    Read/WriteWeb network

  2. Boss, I nominate you as Linker of the year.
    Sounds better than geek of the year kan?

  3. Suffian Rahman

    I think your first and second points are going to happen, but it would be great to get back in touch after 6 months to see how things have shaped out. =)

    lol my new business card is probably going to read:

    Suffian Rahman
    Proximity Malaysia

  4. I is agree. I think you need to fix the time on this blog la boss. It’s going mad! As if I’d leave a comment on your blog at 2:24am. Actually I would la, cos sleeping is over-rated. Huhuhu.

  5. Suffian Rahman

    Haha. Thanks for the reminder, Kevin!

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